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  • Islam, Humanity and Human Values

    Islam, Humanity and Human Values

    • 15
    • 2018-06-11

    By: Ayatullah Sayyid Musa SadrDefining HumanityA definition of humanity seems easy to think of yet difficult to propose, and there have been disputes about it among different schools of thou...


Explanations of Nahj-al-Balaghe

Imam Ali (P.B.U.H.) and doomsday

Imam Ali (P.B.U.H.) and justice

  • The Rights of Fellow Muslims

    • 32
    • 2018-05-18

    The Holy Prophet [s] said: "He who grieves a true Muslim cannot then compensate for it by offering him the entire world because it is not sufficient compensation (unless he repents and appea...


Imam Ali (P.B.U.H.) and economics

  • The marvels of the eyes and tongue

    The marvels of the eyes and tongue

    • 25
    • 2018-05-28

    The marvels of the eyesUsually the eyes are compared with the camera with has delicate lenses that take pictures of various scenes. The pictures reflect like a movie in the eye channel and f...


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